Gunsmithing services

The Pawn Shoppe of Thomson partners with McDuffie Outdoors LLC. Contact us at 706-595-9911.

McDuffie Outdoors LLC

Licensed Gunsmith and Manufacturer of Firearms

Services and Pricing 2022

Bench Fee: $45.00

Bench fee includes identifying issues and up to one hour of repair/research for parts if applicable. Parts will be charged separately, including shipping and taxes if required. For additional work, a $35.00 rate will apply per hour if necessary. After the initial hour covered by the bench fee, the customer will be informed of the status of the work. They will then decide if the continuation of services is required.


General Cleaning: $65.00

Minor Rust Removal: +$20.00 to General Cleaning Price.


Detailed Cleaning: $80.00

Major Rust Removal and Touch Up: +$40.00 to Detailed Cleaning Price.


Scope Mounting and Bore Sight: $45.00

Zeroed with Customer Supplied Ammunition: +$20.00


Small Parts Polishing: $55.00


Custom AR-15 Builds: $165.00 + cost of parts if not supplied by customer.

Fee includes firearm assembly and test fire, customer supplied/directed sight installation, and firearm zeroed with standard ammunition.


Dovetailed Sight Installation: $45.00

Customer will supply the sights or they may be ordered by McDuffie Outdoors at their discretion. 


Detailed Accuracy Testing with Factory Ammunition: $75.00

Ammunition will be supplied by the customer or supplied by McDuffie Outdoors at a premium price in addition to the test fee.


Load Development for Firearm: $135.00

Detailed load development, tailored for your specific firearm.


Custom Hand Loads: Determined for specific firearm based on component cost.


*Most work not listed will be covered by the standard bench fee.

*GA sales tax is reflected in all pricing if applicable.